Service Alignment


City contracts do not currently have a standardized process for capturing and sharing data related to service provision. Working together, the Sunlight Foundation, the iTeam, and CTM, discovered that the lack of a transparent contracting process hinders coordinated efforts to address homelessness within the city. Existing performance measures do not capture the full spectrum of activities that are made possible by city funding - case management, basic needs, medical, mental health treatment, and even shelter. The city needs to adopt a process that better illustrates all of the services that they are funding, and how those services fit into the larger homelessness system.


  • By standardizing the process for collecting service data the city can create better alignment and provide a more transparent framework for the public to understand how the city is working to address homelessness.

  • Creating a standardized framework for services will allow policy and decision makers to prioritize and identify funding needs for services that are not currently available.